Yesterday I was working and I’m a supervisor at a yogurt shop. I was working with a young lady who didn’t quite understand her position. I am supposed to be at the cashier most times and she is supposed to be running around bussing tables and cleaning. And IF I need help, I’ll buzz her over. This was the exact opposite yesterday. So while I was doing her job yesterday, and she was doing mine, I can out from the back and noticed she had both cash registers open fucking around with the money. I said “What are you doing” and she said that she was just getting change. I said “OKAY but realize that it’s under MY name so if anything goes wrong it’s going to be on me.” and she was like well if anything is off, feel free to blame me. WELL. something was off. I was counting till (which is the amount of money that is/should be in your cash register after work). And I had $14 lower than I should and she had $6 lower than she should. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME. So Is it just coincidence that this adds up to a solid $20 that’s missing? Or should I be worried about her conduct?

This is really bothering me… 

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